Wedding Landing Pages

A wedding landing page can be the perfect way to organise your perfect day. Allow your guests to respond to invitiations, inform you of any dietary or special requirements and contribute to a honeymoon fund. 

Our three packages allow you to decide exactly what elements you would like to incorporate into your wedding landing page. Our packages are fully flexible and can be tailored to your needs. 

Payment for our packages can be spread over 3 months.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Honeymoon Fund

Our payments are processed by Stripe, you will not be charged for using our service however Stripe will deduct a fee of 1.4% + 20p. On a gift of £25 you would recieve £24.45.

Payments are held in a secure account, on the essentials package you will recieve two payouts. One payout 7 days before your wedding and one payment 7 days after your wedding. If there is a delay in processing some of your payments and money from your guests is deposited more than 7 days after your wedding these will be transferred to you for no extra cost. If you wish to withdraw the money at any other point you will be charge £5 per transaction and each transaction can take up to 3 working days.

On the full package you can request a withdrawal at any time for no extra cost, these withdrawals can take up to 3 working days.

Landing Page

All packages come with a bespoke landing page. This will incorporate any photos you would like shown on the page. All landing pages will be created within 1 working day of receiving all the necessary information. This can then be revised 3 times on the basic and essentials package and as many times as you like on the full package.

The landing page will be closed down 7 days after your wedding day.


We will endeavour to provide you the exact domain you require, however this may not be available. If the domain is not available we will provide one that is similar to the one you requested.

Email Addresses

You will be provided with a personalised email address this can be prefixed with whatever you like. Examples include

Emails can be accessed through a webmail service and can be accessed at any time.


On all packages your RSVPs will be sent to your email address as and when they are completed, allowing you to keep up to date with your guests’ availability. Your RSVPs will be exported and sent to you as an Excel spreadsheet 1 month before your wedding. You can continue to collect responses after this date. You can request an Excel file of your RSVPs to date at anytime.


Legal bit

11 + 4 =


Once you have sent off the form above we will contact you to discuss the strategy and roadmap for your site. Once this has been decided we will get cracking on building your site.


We will build your site following the roadmap that we discussed with you. Once this is done we will give you a first draft, you can then take some time looking at it and suggesting any changes you would like. We will make these changes for you.


Once we have made all the changes you want we will launch your site, at this stage we will monitor the site in its infancy and make sure that everything is going smoothly.